Emotional Wellness App: Humber Fooducate Planner


Fooducate Planner is a nutrition and healthy eating phone application suited for students who are experiencing a full time workload academically. Introducing Fooducate Planner application to Humber College highlights the ability for a student to appreciate the values in life, rather than recognize their shortcomings. Students would benefit from a healthy eating planner by staying well nourished and moving towards a positive impact on their learning. Fooducate Planner phone application would promote well-balanced meals that would help students increase memory, energy levels, and the ability for an enhanced quality of life.


Fooducate Planner is a phone application that would be compatible to any phone and can be easily downloaded. Fooducate application would provide recipes, diet plans and tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Many students at Humber are facing barriers due to body image or lack of nutrition balance. Students who would use Fooducate Planner would be able to seek guidance and support from a counsellor at Humber. The phone application also would provide an opportunity for students to book appointments with counsellors at Humber College. If a student has booked an appointment with a counsellor, the students would see the Counsellor at the Counselling building located on the second floor of the Humber Student Welcome building.



Fooducate Planner app would provide substantial benefits for students at Humber College. Humber students would be provided accessible recipes and tips to promote a healthier lifestyle (Bridges, 2016).  Humber Fooducate Planner application would encourage students to focus on healthy meal plans to reach their goals (Bridges, 2016). Humber Fooducate Planner would also benefit Humber students by promoting a variety of different meal plans to help students stay organized on a daily basis. Meal planning allows students to have healthy recipes at their fingertips (Bridges, 2016).
Humber’s Sustainability webpage provides support for students who feel overwhelmed and are facing barriers that prevent academic success (“Social Equity and Well-being | Office of Sustainability,”n.d). The Fooducate Planner relates with Humber’s Sustainability webpage by providing an opportunity for students to seek support from counsellors at Humber College. The Fooducate Planner App also would provide an organized healthy eating schedule for students to live a healthy lifestyle.
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